Mediterranean airs for Dehesa Santa María

GAChas designed the new image for Dehesa Santa María (The Eat Out Group) in the center of Barcelona Airport’s T1. This store, the one with the highest turnover of the entire company and also of the airport, will be the prototype that sets the line to be followed for the rest of the Dehesa points.

Our aimwas:

  1. To update the image without losing the traditional air of the premises linked to the specialty it sells: Iberian products.
  2. To give visibility to a place that did not have it (it was mimetized with the terminal).
  3. To make it much more operative.
  4. Openit to the terminal.
  5. Increasing sales.

The conceptof this project was the Mediterraneanizationof Dehesa Santa Maria.

The premises is an island without borders in the middle of the terminal and for this reason GACcreated a forceful element, both for its size and the rigidity of its lines, which crosses the entire premises arranging the different spaces, like a Mediterranean porch. The roof of the pergola is made up of 150 traditional wooden boxes that, placed at different heights, add dynamism. On both sides of the pergola, the dining areas are arranged, which are covered with another resource with a Mediterranean flair: the hemp rope, which filters the great height of the terminal, gathering the space. The flooring is in aged white wood in contrast with the black floor of the terminal. Tables of different geometries are chosen, arranged in a heterogeneous way, adapting to the different needs and cultures of the clients.

The result:

  1. The project was created in 3 weeks and the work was executed in 25 days.
  2. The success of the new location has far exceeded the customer’s expectations for increased sales.
  3. The Dehesa Santa María space has become not only an essential dining spot but also a reference meeting place in the great Terminal.