Asador de Aranda premises with their own personality

At GAC we are excited to work in small and personal businesses, spaces that are truly unique and carry a piece of the soul of their owners. In these cases, more than ever, is when we do our work thinking not only about how to create pleasant atmospheres, but also about creating business through interior design and space optimization. As an example, these three restaurants that we have recently designed responded to different needs but with the same objective: to project a design that would add value to them. LA OVEJA DESCARRIADA is a tapas place that has the particularity of being inside the Castilian cuisine establishment ‘El Asador de Aranda’ in Londres street, in Barcelona. A new bar area is located at the entrance of the premises and occupies an area of about 75 m2, including a terrace. A design in line with the firm intention of the Asador de Aranda group to promote the tapas concept as well as to attract new audiences and to expand the time slot of the space, as it is an ideal place to have an afterwork drink or a snack outside lunch and dinner hours. The general lines of the project are based on playing with heights and depths, the combination of noble materials such as leather, marble or the existing antique flooring and highlighting the bar with unique details, such as a custom-designed wine rack and warm lighting with up to 60 bulbs.